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TechnoDigm™ UV Spot Curing System

TechnoDigm™ UV Spot Curing System

UVSPOT is a UV Spot Curing System designed for operations that require flexibility, high performance / very high intensity and reliability. Its optics / UV was engineered for maximum efficiency in the delivery of UV energy through a light guide. Its design also ensures that not much heat will be transmitted. This UV Spot Curing System has a lamp life expectancy of 2000hrs and a maximum intensity of 13,000mW/cm². Maintenance free and with slow degradation, it will have low lamp replacement rate. This results in good productivity and reliability in the production process.


More Features

  • The UV Spot Curing System is designed with an optimized cooling system and an efficient optics design. This enables the lamp to be cooled and maintain at a proper temperature for best performance. Degradation of the lamp is slow and gradual and even at 2000hrs significant intensity can still be obtained from the lamp.
  • UV Spot has a programmable shutter for user to vary or set a certain intensity value. This setting can be easily done through the LCD interface. Values from 1 to 100% can be set.
  • The unique feature of the UV Spot Curing System is in its quick changing of lamp. The lamp can be easily accessed by removing a side panel just by loosening a single thumbscrew.
  • Lamp Rating 100W
    Power Supply 220VAC (110 VAC optional), 5A (max), solid state
    Lamp Life Up to 2000 hours
    Shutter Programmable
    Intensity >13,000mW/cm2 (as measured directly on a UV meter)
    Lamp Spectral Range 250-600 nm
    Light Delivery High Efficiency Liquid Light Guide, Triple & Quad- Pole Light Guides with various lengths
    Dimension (in cm) 27 (L) X 30 (H) X 13 (W)
    Weight 6.8 kg


    • Long Lamp Life of 2000hrs
    • Timer Controlled Shutter
    • Quick-change Lamp