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TechnoDigm™ MM1000 Positive Rod Displacement System

TechnoDigm™ MM1000 Positive Rod Displacement System

MM1000 offers a simple, convenient and easy-to-use meter mix system that is low in cost and maintenance. It is a fixed ratio, positive rod displacement metering system that meters, mix and dispense with good ratio and volumetric consistency.


MM1000 is suitable for processing most 2-component materials with low to medium viscosity without introduction of air bubbles. It is also designed to be used with standard disposable static mixers. Typical applications are Encapsulation, Bonding, Sealing and Potting of electrical and electronic components such as transformers and etc.


**Customised to Customer’s Specification

  • Viscosity Low to medium viscosity
    Shot size 1cc to 60cc, (1:1 ratio)
    Reservoir 5-litre each
    Mix ratio 1:1 to 1:6**
    Optional Low Level Sensor


    • Single acting positive displacement action
    • Built-in top mounted material reservoir