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Lipoly N800BH-80-80-3.0 Non-Silicone Thermal Conductive Pad

Lipoly N800BH-80-80-3.0 Non-Silicone Thermal Conductive Pad

Non-Silicone Thermal Compound N800BH is made of non-silicon resin material. No low molecular siloxane volatilization and low total volatile gas, no electrical contact & pollution problems. N800BH is flexible and has great thermal conduction, Low compressive stress and high compressive characteristics can effectively reduce the stress load of components, so that the equipment only needs to bear less mechanical stress, and at the same time, it can have low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity

    Category Pads, Sheets
    Mfr Shiu Li Technology Co., Ltd.
    Series N800BH
    Package Bag
    Product Status Active
    Usage Thermally Conductive
    Type Conductive Pad, Sheet
    Shape Square
    Outline 80.00mm x 80.00mm
    Thickness 0.1181" (3.000mm)
    Material Non-Silicone
    Adhesive Tacky - Both Sides
    Backing, Carrier -
    Color Pink
    Thermal Resistivity -
    Thermal Conductivity 11W/m-K
    Shelf Life -
    Shelf Life Start -
    Storage/Refrigeration Temperature -
    Digi-Key Storage -