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Everwide JD342-1 Epoxy for Potting

Everwide JD342-1 Epoxy for Potting

JD342-1 is an epoxy resin developed for the high bonding strength required by electronic products. The resin has good surface gloss after curing and has good resistance to chemicals. If it needs to be applied to a large area of infusion, it is recommended to avoid high-temperature curing, which will cause the reaction to be too intense and material damage. This product has good bonding strength and can be used for bonding of different materials; it is especially suitable for potting of metal and general plastic materials. This product can pass many reliability tests.

    1. The cured product offers excellent chemical and solvent resistance.
    2. The hardener of this resin which is exposured in air will not yield a insoluble, whitish solid.
    3. The hardening surface will not exhibit a surface oiliness and poor gloss.
    4. The cured resin shows excellent adhesion strength, thermal-shock resistances and very low shrinkage after curing.
    5. This product offers various adhesion strength for plastics and metals.
    6. This product complies with the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.