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Everwide JB553-9 Epoxy Adhesive for Structural Materials

Everwide JB553-9 Epoxy Adhesive for Structural Materials

JB553-9 is a two component epoxy adhesive for structural materials. This resin exhibits low viscosity, good handling, chemical resistance and perfect surface gloss. This product develops tough, strong, structural bonds which provide excellent shear, peel and impact strength. This resin is well suited for metal bonding and joining materials including composites and plastics. The crack and fatigue resistance of this resin are outstanding in many vibrational applications. For its characteristic and reliability, this product is used widly in various areas, as a high performance adhesive.

    1. This resin exhibits excellent thixotropy. This product can be also controlled flow and have sag resistance.
    2. The retained strength of this product after environmental test experiments is excellent.
    3. The hardener of this resin which is exposured in air will not yield a insoluble, whitish solid.
    4. The hardening surface will not exhibit a surface oiliness and poor gloss.
    5. This product offers outstanding shear and peel strength.
    6. This resin exhibits chemical and solvent resistance.
    7. This product complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.