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Fumio IDC-4093 Contact Grease

Fumio IDC-4093 Contact Grease

Silencer oil can reduce the noise generated from the object which is in motion. In addition, FUMIO silencer oil uses special additives to improve molecular cohesion and increase adhesion so that the oil is not easy to be thrown off by moving parts. It is especially suitable for gears, motors, etc.

  • 1. Suitable for electrical contacts, low and medium current, spark discharge prevention, and lubrication.

    2. Stabilize the structure and increase the contact stability of the contacts.

    3. Long-lasting lubricity, Good wear resistance, extending contact service life.

    4. Non-corrosive to plastic and metal, has high chemical stability and durability.

    5. Using synthetic oil with excellent mobility. It can be used on switches, not easy to have a low-temperature beating phenomenon. The product is also very stable when used on high-temperature contacts.