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TechnoDigm™ UVSPOT LED Curing System

TechnoDigm™ UVSPOT LED Curing System

An ultimate solution for industrial applications that requires high intensity UV output for the rapid curing of UV adhesives and epoxies, UVSPOT uses LEDs to deliver the reliable performance of a UV lamp system. It boosts productivity & cost saving in the long run as LEDs can last more than 15K hours.


LED UVSPOT are specially designed to resolve the usual LED spot system issue in the market like inaccurate focus, unable to obtain maximum intensity on the surface of interests, etc. The LEDs are built into the main housing with optical lenses to focus the UV into a light guide. The emitted UV light does not need any focus point and the intensity can be as high as 8500mw/cm2 (at 365nm) uniformly over the dot size.

  • Input Voltage 100-240VAC
    Input Current 2A (max)
    Cooling Air
    UV Intensity 8500 mW/cm2
    UV LED Life Time Typically > 15K hrs
    Light Guide 3, 5, 8 mm Diameter
    Dimension 270 (L) X 300 (W) X 130 (H)
    Weight 6.8 kg


    • Regulated & Uniform light over the spot size
    • High intensity of up to 1700mw/cm2
    • Reliable and precise strong LED light
    • Long lasting LED life
    • No critical focusing point & no restriction on focal distance
    • Able to use with multi-poles lightguide
    • Fast exposure without mechanical shuttle
    • 365nm, 405nm and 420nm systems available