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TechnoDigm™ SCS4000 Selective Conformal Spray Coating System

TechnoDigm™ SCS4000 Selective Conformal Spray Coating System

Technodigm™ Selective Conformal Spray Coating System is a programmable selective coating system that allows you to dispense only on required areas to reduce cycle time and eliminate the need for masking. It comes with various types of spray heads to cater to different coating material and spraying profile.


Selective Conformal Spray Coating System SCS4000 is an efficient machine for applying conformal coatings for various applications. It improves productivity by allowing the selective coating of areas without the need for time consuming masking. Quality of spray is repeatable and coating can be applied especially thin or thick.


SCS4000 is a fully programmable selective coating system with a user-friendly proprietary software to perform any intricate patterns that is needed for a good coating process. It also has a programmable tilt and rotate function to access most areas. Together with the gantry system and the spray valve, the system can deliver an even coated area with a maximum of approximately 0.01mm*.


Friendly features for area coating allows for fast programming. Dry runs after programming allows user to check position without actual spraying. Valves are easy to service and maintain. There is no expensive replacement part.

  • Working Area 400 x 400 x 100mm
    Under Board Clearance 60mm
    PCB Edge Clearance 3 – 5mm
    Conveyor Type Chain Conveyor
    Conveyor Adjustment Manual
    Programming Method PC Based Software
    Program Capacity Unlimited
    Motor AC Servo Motor
    Drive System Ball Screw Drive
    Maximum Speed 800 mm/sec
    Resolution ±2μm per axis
    Repeatability ±10μm per axis
    Dual Head Dispense / Dot and Spray
    Tilt & Rotate Spray only
    Black Light (Inspection) 1 x 24 inch Lamp
    Air Supply 5 / 6 Bar
    Power 230VAC, 50Hz, 15Amp
    Dimension (W x D x H) 1050 x 1230 x 1735 mm
    Weight Approx. 600kg


    • Material and substrate dependant
    • Ease of programming with PC-based Software
    • Purging stations for material
    • Low atomizing pressure
    • Strong internal exhaust with overspray chamber for fume
    • Low level sensor for material tank
    • Vision option for Fiducial check and X/Y programming