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TechnoDigm™ NV200N Needle Valve

TechnoDigm™ NV200N Needle Valve

NV200N is designed to provide precision and flexibility in dispensing. It is a normally closed valve that can deliver precise dots and fine beads of low to high viscosity material. Whether it is a low or high viscous fluid, or all kinds of inks, solvents, silicone oils, light-curable adhesives, and even grease, this needle valve is a game-changer. It is perfect for high-volume automation, even if dispensing of shots or beads is the main requirement. With its stainless steel wetted parts and Teflon seals, it is suitable for handling different kinds of material even those corrosive types.


Shot size and flow rate are controlled by the tip size, stroke, fluid pressure, and the duration of the valve opening. The NV200N is equipped with a precision micrometer head allowing the stroke to be finely adjusted as short as 10 microns.

  • Operating Air Pressure 5 Bar
    Fluid Delivery Pressure Max 7.0 Bar
    Valve Stroke Resolution 10 microns
    Dispense Tip Standard Needles
    Weight 316g