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Everwide JA447-8 Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease

JA447-8 is a non-reactive, silicone, thermally conductive grease. This product is a high-viscosity paste that will not undergo a curing reaction when combined with parts, and can be easily stripped and reworked. This product will not dry out even after long periods of time. It has good electrical insulation and thermal conductivity and is widely used in electronic parts, such as flip chip, BGA, diode, power switch, transistors and silicone-controlled rectifiers.

    1. This resin combines good thermal conductivity and economic cost.
    2. The formulation of this product is ideally suited for use in thin cross-sectional thickness down to 5 μm.
    3. This resin is easily cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.
    4. This product is rated for 200°C continuous operation.
    5. This resin is easy applied by dispensing or printing.
    6. This product complies with the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.
Color: White