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TechnoDigm™ GR1000 Assembly Line Gantry Robots

TechnoDigm™ GR1000 Assembly Line Gantry Robots

GR1000 comes with a servo-controlled ball screw driven by servo motors. It is designed for precision dispensing, with good accuracy and repeatability. The PC based software comes with an interface that allows easy programming and editing. Design with flexibility and to be used with many different types of dispensing systems, GR1000 will meet the most demanding applications. Options are provided for the user to choose only what they need so that ROI can be attractive.

    • Comes with various Models: GR1033,GR1034 ,GR1035
    • Designed for high precision dispensing.
    • Accuracy goes up to ± 25 µm per axis.
    • Driven by AC Servo Ball Screw.
    • Regulated at a 220 VAC, Single Phase, 20A.
    • User friendly interface for programming.
    • Flexible enough to be equipped with various types of dispensing systems.