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Everwide FX124-4 Transparent Silicone for Potting

Everwide FX124-4 Transparent Silicone for Potting

FX124-4 is two-component silicone and the mixing ratio A:B=10:1 is mainly used for potting. This product is easy flow and has adhesion to metals and general plastics, such as aluminum and PC. After AB is mixed, it can be deeply cured with a small amount of water, and it can harden more than 90% after one day.

    1. Good impact resistance and shock resistance.
    2. Good weather resistance.
    3. The temperature range is -40-200 °C.
    4. Fast curing at room temperature.
    5. Good leveling and good surface drying.
    6. It can bond with inorganic materials and general plastics.
    7. Applicable to pouring of thickness less than 2 cm.
    8. It is harmless to the environment and human.
    9. This prodcut complies to the 2011/65/EU RoHS regulations.