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Fumio TF-950 Food Grade Damping Grease

Fumio TF-950 Food Grade Damping Grease

Damper oil can provide the feeling of retardation and cushioning. FUMIO has already developed various products ranging from low viscosity to high viscosity, suitable for high and low-temperature environments.

  • 1. Synthetic base oils and additives meet NSF-H1 certification and are widely used for lubricating and silencing food grade machinery and precision parts.

    2. Compound aluminum soap based thickener, chemical synthesis reaction, drop point higher than 230℃, with water resistance and high-temperature resistance.

    3. Added Silicon high viscosity base oil and non-metal soap base for waterproof/retardation parts.

    4. High chemical stability and durability and non-corrosive to plastic and metal.

    5. Specialproduction process, the capillary oil leakage of the oil is low.