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Fumio IDG-132 General Purpose Grease

Fumio IDG-132 General Purpose Grease

Grease can reduce the abrasion caused by friction between objects, make the parts move more smoothly, and increase the quality and life of products. It is especially suitable for flat actuation lubrication between the mechanism and the parts. In response to different materials and life requirements, FUMIO has developed various grease product series to complete product selection.

  • 1. Can be used in mechanical parts in electrical appliances , relative movement between plastic / plastic, and plastic / metal movement

    2. Can be used for light duty metal / metal

    3. Excellent in extreme temperature tolerance, emphasis on consistency characteristic in low temperature.

    4. Lubrication between a combination of different plastic materials and possess good lubricity .

    5. Non-corrosive to plastic, metal, has high chemical stability and durability

    6. Non silicon series lubricant, no negative effects on electrical contacts