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Dry Lubricant

Dry Lubricant

Unlike traditional grease, dry lubricant develops dry lubricating film, which can dry quickly and cause no concerns while production lines are working because dry lubricant doesn't stain on parts or affect the product's appearance.

    • High volatility lubricant, contains particular medium of dissolution, zero ozonospheres destroy index, can't pollute environment absolutely. Safe, and doesn't have toxicity for skin absorb.
    • A simple way of coat, oil film cover movement surface fast and evenly, not adhere, no pollution.
    • It contains particular solid lubricant, high oil permeability, and has lubrication function on plastic and metal surfaces for the long term (some kind of can eliminate noise in gear.)
    • Non-Silicon series, no harmful effect with contact.
    • Camera
    • Video camera
    • Digital camera
    • CD-ROM
    • Printer
    • Keyboard
    • Timepiece movement
    • Copy machine
    • Scanner
    • Audio
    • Other places where traditional grease is not suitable.