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TechnoDigm™ DD3000 Digital Dispenser

TechnoDigm™ DD3000 Digital Dispenser

DD3000 is a touch-screen digital dispensing controller. The large screen is able to display all settings without the need to scroll or switch screens. Change of setting is simply a touch away.


DD3000 provides real-time display of the input pressure, actual pressure and negative pressure for drip control.

  • Dispensing Time 0.01 sec to 999.99 sec
    Operation Modes Manual / Auto / Cycle
    Maximum Air Input 7 Bar / 101.5 PSI
    Maximum Air Output 7 Bar / 101.5 PSI
    Fuse 2A
    AC Input 110 ~ 230V 50Hz
    Dimension 192 x 136 x 183mm
    Weight 2 kg


    • Effortless use and maintenance-free.
    • Consist of 10 program memories.
    • Auto cycling mode allows sequencing of a self-taught program which includes a preset dispense time and wait duration between cycles.
    • Manual mode allows user to control precise timing for dispensing.
    • Auto mode allows user to preset timing for dispensing.
      Large touch screen display containing all settings on a single page.
    • Able to display line pressure input, syringe pressure, and vacuum pressure.
    • Able to display desired pressure and vacuum pressure for easy reference.
    • Consist of a cycle completion counter.
    • Convenient operation via foot pedal or touch screen.