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Blunt End Tips

Blunt End Tips

Blunt End Tips Dispensing are constructed with stainless steel straight cannula epoxy sealed to a double helix Luer lock polypropylene hub. Polished burr-free finish for smooth fluid dispensing.

  • Gauge Size 0.25" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5" Color
    14G TBE14G025 TBE14G050 TBE14G050    
    15G TBE15G025 TBE15G050      
    16G TBE16G025 TBE16G050      
    17G TBE17G025 TBE17G050      
    18G TBE18G025 TBE18G050      
    19G TBE19G025 TBE19G050      
    20G TBE20G025 TBE20G050      
    21G TBE21G025 TBE21G050      
    22G TBE22G025 TBE22G050      
    23G TBE23G025 TBE23G050      
    24G TBE24G025 TBE24G050      
    25G TBE25G025 TBE25G050      
    26G TBE26G025 TBE26G050      
    27G TBE27G025 TBE27G050      
    28G TBE28G025 TBE28G050      
    30G TBE30G025 TBE30G050      
    32G TBE32G025 TBE32G050      


    • Burr-free polished stainless steel
    • Threaded luer lock fittings
    • Bonded to colour-coded polypropylene hubs