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Blunt End Bent Tips

Blunt End Bent Tips

We offers a comprehensive range of needles and tips for precision dispensing of fluids, liquids, adhesives, sealants, and greases.

  • Gauge Size 45° 90°
    14G TAD14G4505 TAD14G9005
    15G TAD15G4505 TAD15G9005
    18G TAD18G4505 TAD18G9005
    20G TAD20G4505 TAD20G9005
    21G TAD21G4505 TAD21G9005
    22G TAD22G4505 TAD22G9005
    23G TAD23G4505 TAD23G9005
    25G TAD25G4505 TAD25G9005
    27G TAD27G4505 TAD27G9005
    30G TAD30G4505 TAD30G9005


    • Precision tips manufactured from polished stainless steel bonded to colour coded hubs
    • 0.5″ long, with 45° & 90° bend various inner diameter sizes available
    • Suitable for dispensing a variety of fluids such as adhesives, sealants and greases
    • Threaded luer lock to prevent tip from loosening in the barrel